Trikatu 60 caps

Trikatu 60 caps

Trikatu is a classic Ayurvedic herbal blend of pippali, ginger, and black pepper.

Trikatu 60 caps 60 caps
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Trikatu is a classic Ayurvedic herbal blend of pippali, ginger, and black pepper. These herbs work in synergy to stimulate the digestive fire, or agni, allowing for more efficient digestion in the stomach while promoting proper bile flow, healthy detoxification and fat metabolism. The gentle heating action of this blend primes the digestive tract to digest food, absorb nutrients and efficiently remove wastes. Trikatu is a wonderful tool for getting the digestion back on track, and in the context of a complete digestive reset like the Colorado Cleanse, it can play an instrumental role in stoking the digestive fire that is so needed for optimal health. Taken 15 minutes before a meal, Trikatu is a wonderful formula to have on hand when eating out, especially for those rich or heavy meals. Directions for taking Himalaya Trikatu: 1 capsule daily after meals. Allow several weeks for long lasting benefits. Natural products have a wholistic effect on the body and take time for absorption and results. Benefits of Trikatu: -Trikatu helps in gastric cleansing and improves digestion and absorption -Trikatu supports the respiratory system by promoting health lung function and normal breathing. -Trikatu promotes normal blood circulation -Trikatu improves metabolism and helps in weight management -Trikatu provides excellent support during the winter months

How To Take

Trikatu is preferably taken one hour before each meal in a dose of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. It can also be taken along with or after a meal. As Trikatu has a pungent taste, it is better taken mixed with honey in a thick paste that can be licked.


Those taking MAOI’s, SSRI’s, antidepressants, NSAIDS, corticosteroids or certain other medications should not take this product. Those who have diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments or certain other medical conditions should not take Trikatu. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take this product.