09 Dec 2018 - Patsy C., Canada

Easy to work with. Wish we could use our credit card for payment instead of writing a check. Thank You

04 Dec 2018 - Penny D., USA

I love the service and ease of use. Have given the information to lots of people. Hope you have gotten some new customers.

25 Nov 2018 - JT C., Canada

The whole process is easy enough. The delivery time is reasonable. The cost savings is awesome. Planning on being a long term client. Tanx so much for helping with my medication needs.

25 Nov 2018 - BOBBY J., USA


23 Nov 2018 - Eric R., Canada

Quality prescription meds at a fraction of the cost. Easy to work with and great customer service.

22 Nov 2018 - Sandra m., USA

Great place my order cheaper then the states came earlythen excpected very pleased would recommend to others

19 Nov 2018 - Michael B, USA

Good ordering service. Had long delay in shipment of one of drugs ordered which came form India. Would suggest getting more suppliers from countries that do not experience such shipping delays.

14 Nov 2018 - Lavinia c., USA

Every time I call they are so nice and helpful. Good deal, delivered to my door!

4 Nov 2018 - Sharon H., USA

All is well and you do a good job on getting prescriptions filled, keep up the good work,Thnks Sharon

1 Nov 2018 - Sandra S., USA

Everyone I have talked to have been very courteous and professional. I am so happy to be able to use your pharmacy when meds are too expensive in the US.

26 Oct 2018 - Jane S., Canada

Best Place to get prescription drugs. excellent customer service, my orders have always been on time, never late and never incorrect. Top quality and professional.

26 Oct 2018 - LouAnn S., USA

I have been very pleased. The prices are very reasonable, no problems with the meds. Shipping you need to plan 3-4 weeks for your order

26 Oct 2018 - Jeanne M., Canada

So glad that I found your pharmacy. This is my first prescription to be filled. There is a significant wait the first time,but the savings was well worth the wait.

20 Oct 2018 - Peter M., USA

I get my medication for a price that I can afford, and there are no hassles. It is all very easy, even when I changed doctors.

20 Oct 2018 - Dan K., USA

No issues or complains. Fast service. Good prices

18 Oct 2018 - Dave G., Canada

As a new customer I have been very satisfied and have appreciated all of the assistance given to me by the customer service associates . My prescriptions have arrived safely and without error .

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Excellent is all regards...very easy & painless to process orders...very professional and helpful customer service order processing with a super system of notifying you of each stage of filling your order inclusive of when product has shipped...I have been a customer for several years and have given recommendations to both friends & information to my Dr. for passing on to other clients. Great job!

22 Sep 2018 - Maggie S., USA

Great customer service. Product arrived earlier than originally promised. Recommend this service to all those in need of drugs at a lower cost than in the States.

22 Sep 2018 - EDUARDO V., USA

Very good and speedy. The only problem is having to explain everything to a new person every time, on top of the identification. Better to centralize customer attention in one person per patient. Regards.

10 Sep 2018 - Kathy B., USA

Used another Canadian Pharmacy and you have out done them by a long shot. Your staff is the best; friendly, informative, does what they say they will do. Shipping is much better. Paying for my order is easier, too. Thank you!

10 Sep 2018 - James C., Canada

Great service wonderful prices if you are looking for good quality reorder from this pharmacy

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Customer service is very polite and professional. Very helpful.

28 Aug 2018 - Brenda G., Canada

Thank you for always being so easy to deal with. Staff is friendly, kind and efficient. You should be so proud.

14 Aug 2018 - Cynthia W., USA

Excellent customer service. Wonderful generic options!! Savings for all!

12 Aug 2018 - Crickets h., Canada

Always helpful. Also I love the reminders. Comes in handy when you get busy and forget to reorder

13 Jul 2018 - Cliff k., USA

Very professional and thorough. Sales people are very nice and are always trying to save you money and get you the best deals available. The prescriptions are great products

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Reps are always courteous and helpful. It is nice to speak with someone that speaks English and is easy to understand. The follow-up on your order is excellent. I will recommend this site to anyone.

25 June 2018 - MICHAEL D., Canada

I like their service as far as renewal reminders and the prices seem fair. One thing that can be greatly improved is their acknowledgement of receipt of prescriptions. Every time I submit a script they keep telling me they do not have it on record and I have to send again and sometimes I have to send 3 times.

25 June 2018 - Gary S., USA

First time customer. Process is simple with as much personal help as you need. Delivery was MUCH quicker than promised. Great price too.

12 June 2018 - Pam D., USA

Im unable to afford the prescription here in USA. Im thankful for this service.



27 May 2018 - Willard g., USA

Prompt & courteous service. Helpful people. A+

27 May 2018 - Kay C., USA

This time the prescription was delivered safely and in a timely fashion. I appreciate the service that your company provides those of us who live on a budget. Thank you.

15 May 2018 - Sharon N., USA

Helpful, friendly, and fast delivery! And the savings are huge!

14 May 2018 - Tom r., USA

Ive been buying from them for several years, never had a problem

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Excellent customer service and orders dispatched at record time. extremely satisfied with the service.

10 April 2018 - Jeff P., USA

I have been very pleased so far. Great service!

22 March - Gerald W., USA

You guys are very good your prices are very good

22 March 2018 - Dan H., USA

Consistently dependable. Friendly reps whenever I speak to anyone on the phone. Great company to deal with!

12 March 2018 - Shirley L., USA

There was an issue with my prescription that needed the attention of a representative of the company. I was given quick, courteous attention, and the issue was resolved quickly. I am very happy

4 March 2018 - Evelyn J., USA

The best I have found so far. Great prices and service.

2 Feb 2018 - Kevin W., USA

I think this is a great service and plan to keep using it until the US gets its pharmaceutical piracy under control and in line with whats fair. US leadership isnt the problem. US leadership used to be the problem but, now the corruption it bred is in the process of being exposed and will soon come to an end.

5 Jan 2018 - Scott M, USA

Good email follow-up with receipt plus minimal order tracking. Order arrived in about 28 days. Cost of overseas generic not yet available in USA was less than 10% of brand name version.

5 Jan 2018 - David D., Canada

Appreciate product at generic price.

5 Jan 2018 - Mary B., USA

always prompt reply to any concerns and excellent quality.

4 Jan 2018 - Adah K., USA

I was not sure about ordering my eye drops from another country but given the ridiculous cost of medication here in the USA, I had to take the risk of going international. I am very glad that I did. Not only did I save, paid a more acceptable price but the service was great. Felt treated like a human being and not just a number and a means to an end. A reliable and trustworthy service all round

4 Jan 2018 - Betsy C., Canada

I would have not been able to stay on my MEDICATIONS without using your pharmacy. Healthcare in the states is horrible. I am 62 and have been an RN for 40 years...I NEVER imagined being unable to afford my medication. Obtaining them was as easy as a trip to my pharmacy, even more convenient, they were delivered to my door! Thank you for your excellent service.

31 Dec 2017 - Ree L., Canada

I am saving $40 on my medication. My usual pharmacy (and many others) have this medication on back order. I feel very lucky to have found you.

2 Jan 2017 - Daniel G., USA

RX always ships on time, sometimes early. Quality same as U.S. Excellent pricing.

2 Jan 2018 - Judith W., USA

Very happy with the quick delivery and low price of my prescription.

1 Jan 2018 - Shelley B., Canada

you make so easy and every one is very nice.

31 Dec 2017 - William T., Canada

Other than delivery time delays all went well.

31 Dec 2017 - Danka R., USA

Very Satisfied and Happy with your service and product,I give you 10+

31 Dec 2017 - Ree L., USA

It works. It make sure you follow the directions or you could poop your pants.

29 Dec 2017 - Kandi M., Canada

Did its job... All ask for.... So yes

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The product works well. It could be better but at least it performs really well. No side effects and no headache.

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Product worked for myself as described, and arrived within the week of promised delivery. I will definitely purchase again.

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Its very simple,IT WORKS!!! No need to overspend, just give it a try,I keep coming back!

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Works as advertised. One pill gets it up hard as a rock, and the affects last for 2 days. The girl friend cant get enough. She loves it.

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Fast acting, no side effects and fast delivery. Customer suppor is always online to help.

23 Dec 2017 - Kimberly H., USA

So glad we found this site! Its been life Changing!

21 Dec 2017 - Eric T., USA

3 days it will make your wife pretty happy. Also , I work out often and it has increased muscle for me. People can say what they want but this one is awesome. No head pains no dry mouth nothing. Perfection

16 Dec 2017 - Jack D., USA

No pill will work perfect for everyone. But if this company doesnt change their formula like some of the others did and stays legit and true with their product then i will continue to buy from them.

16 Dec 2017 - Amanda R., USA

Im very pleased with all the products from thissite. Great shipping time and all the products have worked the way they said they would.

15 Dec 2017 - Kevin S., Canada

This is a very good product. It does just what it says it will do.

14 Dec 2017 - Henry W., Canada

Worked as advertised, great products Thanks till next transaction

14 Dec 2017 - Bill J., USA

Worked great for me with no noticeable side effects and long lasting.

14 Dec 2017 - Brandon W., USA

Extremely surprised and satisfied. Ive used some of the prescription ED meds that have worked ok but are ridiculously expensive from other shop. This site is a great find!

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Good product! I was a little skeptical about buying but decided to anyway. I am glad I did. I worked well for me.

13 Dec 2017 - William V., USA

Nice they make me so stiff my woman was very satisfied with the end results.

9 Dec 2017 - Ben B., USA

I dont even have to drink water because the side effects are minimal for me. But everyone reacts differently to these pills so best practice if youre sensitive...drink lots of water. But it keeps me hard even after ejaculation. Thank you.

9 Dec 2017 - Will D., USA

It works just as good as the Blue Pearl but wo as much side effects.

9 Dec 2017 - Kirk H., Canada

This stuff works great and usually lasts 3 days...sometimes it will linger for 4days depending. Ive tried alot of other pills. Some were all-natural and some were synthetic. Some of them worked some of them didnt but I can honestly say this hasnt failed me yet.

9 Dec 2017 - Alfred A., USA

it does get you hard and you can feel your penis sort of plump before erection.. drink lots of water. good buy

6 Dec 2017 - Jim W., USA

Always excellent service at a good price.

5 Dec 2017 - Carlos D., Canada

Great people and medication always arrives on time never with out .thanks for 2 years of great service.

4 Dec 2017 - Thomas Y., USA

Service has been excellent and responsive to all questions and services.

4 Dec 2017 - Marion S., Canada

Ive used your service for several years now, and the service has been nothing but the best.

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Extremely pleased with their produces, low cost and best customer service you can fine.

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i have nothing bur praise for youronline pharmacy, wonderful to work with.

3 Dec 2017 - Linda A., Canada

I’ve been using this service for many years & am so impressed with the value, the simplicity & the process.

3 Dec 2017 - Ann W., USA

Spoke with Travis and she took care of getting orders verified and ordered for both my husband and myself .... Always good service !

3 Dec 2017 - Richard T., Canada

Excellent pharmacy Cheap Free shipping

1 dec 2017 - Daniel C., Canada

Fast transaction, I am very satisfied with the product it is the real deal! It was delivered a week after I placed the order. Really great service you guys. Keep it up!

1 dec 2017 - Daniel C., Canada

Fast transaction, I am very satisfied with the product it is the real deal! It was delivered a week after I placed the order. Really great service you guys. Keep it up!

1 dec 2017 - Daniel C., Canada

Fast transaction, I am very satisfied with the product it is the real deal! It was delivered a week after I placed the order. Really great service you guys. Keep it up!

1 dec 2017 - Daniel C., Canada

Fast transaction, I am very satisfied with the product it is the real deal! It was delivered a week after I placed the order. Really great service you guys. Keep it up!

1 dec 2017 - Daniel C., Canada

Fast transaction, I am very satisfied with the product it is the real deal! It was delivered a week after I placed the order. Really great service you guys. Keep it up!

01 nov 2017 - Janet M., USA

Very satisfied, aside from being very convenient I got it with less price. And yes the quality of the product is the same with those item I can buy at leading store.

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Legit company, Legit products, really thankful to have ordered from you. No hassle ordering and delivery was fast! Will let my friends know about you :)

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Just want to say thank you! Got my order today. They're great! Im ready to place another order.

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